Main Line (Passenger/Freight)

Pandrol defines the industry standard across rail fastening systems and aluminothermic welding for mainline rail infrastructure.

Our products and services extend to designing, developing and manufacturing equipment to make constructing and maintaining railways more efficient. Our smart control systems increase productivity, monitor track conditions and improve the overall track life cycle.

Pandrol is more than a supplier of products. The value of our expertise, the capability of our support teams and the depth of the services that we provide come together to add value and reduce the risk to all stake holders of a project. We design complete systems and can supply all of the components and we will still be around in the future to support with spare parts.

We have one global standard and that ensures reliability and consistency of manufactured product and we have experts across the related disciplines such as environmental (noise), design, engineering and construction and have the support facilities in R&D and testing to back it up.


We are innovating constantly to give our customers more value, whether that is from our value engineered products that aim to reduce the initial cost of the system or products that add value to a project through efficiencies and the life of the rail infrastructure.

We have a range of products for both ballasted and non-ballasted track forms, each of which have a number of variants covering different application needs to meet global standards and local operating requirements.

Our  fastening system portfolio covers threaded and threadless systems, retrofit solutions, both high and low attenuation, medium and high density operations, special track work and bespoke performance systems.

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