Head Wash Repair (HWR) Weld

With the increase of rail hardness, rail wear has become less problematic over time and rail-head defects have now became one of the most common causes of rail replacement.

The HWR provides a cost-effective and quick solution to repair railhead defects and significantly decreases the maintenance cost of modern rail networks. The latest improvement on HWR expands the possibilities by allowing the repair of flash butt welds, which often suffer from squats.

The HWR Weld has been used in the USA and Canada since 2008. In UK since 2013 and has been approved in France in 2015.

The HWR process offers new capabilities to railway maintenance. It provides a fast and cost effective solution to remove a defect up to 1 inch depending on the rail profile. This works both in the parent rail and on EFB welds.


Product features by product sector

  • General Approach
  • General Approach

    Grind out the head defect and pouring a repair weld in its place has the following advantages in term of cost and time saving: 1. No rail plug required, no scrap rail to dispose of. 2. No rail cut no need → to remove stress in the track 3. 1 weld eliminated. 4. No alignment required. 5. Less track time required. 6. Easier process / low risk of human mistake