High Speed Baseplate

The High Speed Baseplate is used where the captive PANDROL FASTCLIP rail fastening system is installed in high speed slab track applications. The baseplate offers a very large range of both vertical and lateral adjustment in a configuration where these adjustments can be made very quickly and easily and with a minimum of additional components.

  • Lateral adjustments in the range of +/-12mm per assembly (or +/-24mm on track gauge).
  • Lateral adjustments can be made quickly and easily. No components need to be exchanged and there is no need to disassemble the fastening system.
  • Vertical adjustment up to +70mm, by means of fitting shims underneath the assembly.
  • No parts need to be exchanged or added to make vertical adjustments, other than the shims and the need for longer bolts at intervals within the 70mm vertical adjustment range.
  • Supplied as pre-assembled units. The pre-assembled unit only needs to be positioned on the slab and tightened into its precise alignment.

Designed for use on pre-cast blocks or sleepers and slabs.


Product features by product sector

  • High Speed Capability
  • A reliable supplier with a good track record on high speed is vital when delivering major projects. But against that background, how can proven technology be configured to provide the very best possible track fastening to meet the particular needs of a project? And is there any scope for innovation? These are questions that Pandrol has been addressing.