Technical Expertise

Problem solving that changes what’s possible

A global network

Today’s Pandrol products are an evolution of trusted technologies, which have safely carried the world’s rail passengers and freight for decades. Just like our customers, our R&D operations are global in scale. Across five continents, the railways we help to build each have diverse requirements related to infrastructure, environmental conditions and local and international regulations. With a flagship research centre in the UK for fastenings, Sweden for equipment, France for welding and electrification, and laboratories at many of our local manufacturing facilities, we have the deepest understanding of our customer’s needs.

Our R&D efforts have led to a broad range of specialised products and customisation processes that meet local needs more precisely and efficiently. Pandrol solutions are developed within an ISO 9001-certified quality management system, and we are committed to sustainable operations that benefit customers, communities and the environment. Breakthrough material engineering and production methods give customers the best value and safer railways.

Pandrol on track

Pandrol engineers also attend to new customers at new product installations, to provide training as necessary and develop their understanding of future requirements.

Collaborative working

As well as using our own purpose-built facilities, our teams collaborate with external laboratories to extend technical capabilities and knowledge. Field testing is carried out at track sites worldwide. We also coordinate with sleeper manufacturers, track machine developers and switch and crossing suppliers. Our solutions integrate perfectly with all kinds of railway systems.

Testing facilities

Pandrol products are in service in almost every climate imaginable, from the arid deserts of the Middle East to the extreme cold of Canada. Track loadings vary from light passenger trains to the world’s heaviest mineral railways, and the tracks can be level plains to curved and steep mountain railways. To ensure our products perform reliably and safely we undertake tests to meet various national and international standards. Our high frequency, electro-magnetically controlled actuators are able to simulate a wide range of railway loads.

Materials research

Our laboratory researches and tests both metallic and non-metallic materials. This gives Pandrol a forensic knowledge of our products. Only the safest and most durable materials make it to production. The quality of every raw material is thoroughly evaluated, while corrosion-preventing coatings are pushed to the limit. If a material fails our thorough tests, we know exactly why at the prototype stage.