Rail Welding Equipment

09300 Head-Wash Grinder

Pandrol’s Head-Wash Grinder is a hydraulic powered, track-mounted machine that is designed to efficiently grind the head of the rail in preparation for Head-Wash Repair aluminothermic welding. This specially designed tool provides a precision grind to complement Pandrol’s Head-Wash Repair welding process in defect removal.


Technical Features

  • The ergonomic profile allows the operator to quickly and comfortably grind the head to the appropriate depth and width
  • Compatible with 8” x 2” x 1” grinding stone


  • Compact and lightweight design allows for quick set-up and breakdown on track
  • Compatible with all aluminothermic head-wash repair weld processes

Key Facts

Flow 10 GPM (38 LPM)
Pressure 2000 PSI (140 bar)
RPM 4000
A 27” (68.6 cm)
B 17” (43 cm)
C 15 - 1/4” (38.7 cm)
Weight 65 lbs (29.5 kg)
Rail Welding Equipment

09300 Head-Wash Grinder