AWS Magnets

Designed to fit all common track construction, the AWS Magnets fit into the national signalling system. All magnets can be fitted onto the Rapid Fit Frames or retrofitted to existing BR Magnet frames through the use of adaptor plates.

The use of rare earth magnet technology has enabled a reduction in size, while improving performance, compared to that of traditional magnets. Each of the AWS units is a self-contained pre-tested device that can be fitted to the mounting frame in a fully interchangeable manner. The flexible range includes Suppressed, Electro and Permanent variants that can be supplied in standard strength (yellow) and extra strength (green), which can be powered with supplies ranging from 24V DC to 110V AC. Both standard and extra strength magnets can be supplied with flux shields / covers.




Technical Features

  • Modular “plug and play” installation process
  • Fits all common track types


  • Can be installed in minutes when coupled with Pandrol's Rapid Fit Mounting System, reducing possession time significantly
  • Improved performance due to the use of rare earth magnets

AWS Magnets

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  • AWS Standard Strength
    AWS Standard Strength


  • AWS Extra Strength
    AWS Extra Strength



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