Aluminothermic Welding

Crane Rail Welding

Pandrol collaborate with port, dockland, and warehouse operators globally in designing and delivering crane rail welding solutions for infrastructure dedicated to handling goods.

Crane Rail Welding product overview

This flat-bottomed rail is typically larger and designed to continuously support high volumes of weight.

  • Crane rails are used in a broader range of settings than just about any other type of rail – whether it be for warehouses, bridge cranes, container ports, or gantry cranes for heavy industry.
  • Our process involves casting molten steel (produced through the reaction of iron oxide and aluminium) at a temperature exceeding 3,500 ˚F (1,950 °C) into refractory moulds designed to the rail specification.
  • We offer processes, portions, moulds, and crucibles designed to suit various global welding approaches.

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