Fastening Systems

Fastclip FE

The Fastclip FE fastening system is a switch-on / switch-off threadless fastening system.

Fastclip FE has substantial global references and has been designed as a total system in which all components are delivered to site pre-assembled on the sleeper. Once the sleepers are laid, and the rail installed, the clip is simply pushed onto the rail by means of a simple drive action. This action automatically provides the correct tensioning load. This switch-on switch-off capability leads to the opportunity for mechanising the installation and extraction processes that relate to installation and maintenance of the tracks.

Technical Features

  • Components are pre-assembled on the sleeper
  • Threadless, self tensioned fastening, generates toe load on installation
  • Suitable for all track categories
  • Cast shoulders are electrically isolated from the rail by collars
  • Spring clips are electrically isolated from the rail by the toe insulator


  • Offers opportunities for installed savings through the use of high output, mechanised installation equipment
  • Rapid installation capability (up to 70 sleepers per minute)
  • Low profile designed system minimises accidental impact issues
  • Efficient rail stressing as all components remain captive during the stressing procedure
  • Correct tensioning is automatically achieved when the clip is driven in to the working position
Fastening Systems

Fastclip FE