Rail Welding Equipment

Flexible Shaft Grinder MFB/MFR

The MFB Flexible Shaft Grinder on a wheelbarrow frame and the MFR Flexible Shaft Grinder on a track-cart enables the efficient completion of all types of grinding operations. Like all Pandrol grinding equipment, it has been developed to maximise the life of the track across all rail heads and profiles.

The wheelbarrow frame, with its all-terrain design, means that one person can comfortably transport and use the grinding unit. Switches on the machine’s case and handle start up the grinder and its petrol engine, which is powerful enough for heavy-duty grinding tasks.


Technical Features

  • The MFB and MFR Flexible Shaft Grinder has a four-stroke petrol engine with integrated centrifugal clutch. Power output is 5.9KW at 3600 rpm
  • The grinder comes with a variety of quick coupling tools, making it convenient for any type of grinding work
  • The grinder has a remote-control switch located on its handle that instantly starts and stops the tool’s rotation
  • The grinding machine’s 4.5-metre flexible shaft allows one person to use it in any working position


  • The MFB and MFR Flexible Shaft Grinder’s powerful engine makes it ideal for heavy-duty grinding work
  • Combined with the appropriate quick coupling tool, the machine can be used for every kind of maintenance grinding work
  • The integrated clutch prevents the engine breaking down and contributes to reducing ongoing maintenance costs
  • The grinder’s versatility means that companies only need to invest in one machine

Key Facts

Engine Honda 4-Stroke GX240
Power @ rpm 5.9 KW @ 3,600 rpm
Tools rotation speed 4,800 rpm +/- 150
Safety system Start and stop switch located on the tool handle Centrifugal clutch
Power transmission Insulated flexible shaft
Total weight (MFB) 57 kg
Dimensions (MFB) 950 x 600 x 740 mm
Total weight (MFR) 80 kg
Dimensions (MFR) (Track Position) 1835 x 755 x 770 mm
Dimensions (MFR) (Off Track Position) 1810 x 755 x 770 mm
Rail Welding Equipment

Flexible Shaft Grinder MFB/MFR