Condition Monitoring


Indigo is a powerful new tool for monitoring and maintaining track. It is a cost effective way of monitoring the track for faults and features that cause rough ride. Its accurate GPS can direct track maintenance staff to target problems quickly. This new approach to pre-emptive maintenance can prevent mild issues from developing into serious events that require the stopping of vehicle traffic.

An internal ARM processor monitors these sensors and when configurable thresholds are exceeded, an alarm is sent to the Indigo cloud server along with a snapshot of the raw data spanning the event. The Indigo cloud server collects events reported by all Indigo devices. By correlating data from different devices a high confidence can be placed on the location  and severity of developing track faults.

Technical Features

  • Internal sensors continuously measure vertical and lateral accelerations, roll, pitch and yaw
  • The train’s location is constantly and accurately tracked using an accurate GPS system
  • Small and easy to install, Indigo is ideal for fitting in the equipment cabinet of passenger trains, where space is often at a premium
  • The Indigo cloud server collects and collates wide-ranging, accurate data from across all Indigo devices


  • As Indigo is fitted to in-service trains, the track can be monitored much more frequently than when dedicated track measurement trains are used
  • Indigo has a proven record of successfully identifying, with a high degree of positional accuracy, areas of track that require maintenance. This enables track maintenance engineers to deal with issues quickly and efficiently
  • Accurate location reports and early identification of faults save customers money, reducing time spent identifying issues and preventing major events and disruption occurring
  • Reporting is real time. As soon as an anomaly is detected, data is sent to the Indigo cloud server. This data is then available on the website for downloading and analysis within minutes
Condition Monitoring