Rail Welding Equipment

Profile Grinder MR 150

The Profile Grinder MR 150 is specially designed to reshape vignole rail heads after aluminothermic or ARC welding and gives accurate grinding on all the rail head surface thanks to its long spread.

The MR 150 includes a rigid frame made from aluminium alloy, supported with rollers and flanges to equip the frame and grip on to the rail head to ensure a perfect guide in any position.


Technical Features

  • Grinding of both running surface and running edge of the rail
  • Available with a 4 stroke petrol engine or an electrical engine
  • Sturdy and light frame in aluminium alloy
  • Optional stabilizing bars
  • Wide wheelbase


  • Inclination of the machine from a vertical to horizontal position ensures a large and precise grinding of running surface, radius and sides of the rail head
  • Easy starting of the engine equipped with a centrifugal clutch which protects also the engine shaft
  • All grinding forces are transmitted through oversized bearings which are incorporated in the transmission box supporting the engine

Key Facts

MR 150 equipped with Thermic Engine (Version MR 150)
Type 4 stroke petrol engine
Engine power 2.6 kW (3.5 CV) - 3 600 rpm
Fuel Consumption 1.3 l/h
Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 1380 x 600 x 950 mm
MR 150 E with Electric Engine (Version MR 150 E)
Type 220 / 380 V - 50 Hz – three phases
Engine power 2 950 rpm
Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 1380 x 580 x 840 mm
  • Stabilising equipment (for easier grinding when machine is tilted)
  • Grinding wheels Ø 150 mm (4 nuts)
Rail Welding Equipment

Profile Grinder MR 150