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Rail Cleaner DR40

Clean rails and keep them in perfect condition for the smooth operation of the railway system with our high-performance railway track cleaning machine. Pandrol’s railway track and railway ballast cleaning machine is optimised for use after rail replacement to ensure the rail is rust-free and ready to deliver high performance, safety, and durability.

Rail Cleaner DR40 Explained

Pandrol’s railway track cleaning machine brushes the top of the rail head with specialised rotating metal bristles to remove oxidation and ensure good friction contact between the railway vehicle wheels and the rail surface. The result is guaranteed effective electrical connection on the top of the rail, allowing for efficient track circuit functioning.

The Rail Cleaner DR40 is easy to use and requires two people to place on the track, but just one to operate safely and accurately. It is driven by a thermic engine for high-performance output.

  • Guarantees effective electrical connection for efficient functioning
  • Delivers effective cleaning, even on wet rails
  • Requires just two people to transport and one to operate

Advantages of the Pandrol Rail Cleaner DR40


Easy transportation

The Pandrol rail cleaner weighs just 40kg, meaning it only requires two people to lift and move and one to operate once placed on the rails. This lightweight solution reduces labour requirements for rail cleaning.


Reduced downtime

Clean quickly and efficiently with a rail cleaning solution that is powerful enough to offer complete cleaning in just one pass. The high-performance brush design of the Rail Cleaner DR40 means your rail system can be back up and running faster.


Efficient operations

Carry out effective cleaning with the Pandrol Rail Cleaner DR40’s specialised high-resilience brush. The machine even continues to achieve optimal results in wet conditions thanks to its powerful engine, metallic brush, and guiding rollers.


Enhanced safety

Safety features including automatic engine cut-off and roller insulation ensure the Pandrol Raik Cleaner DR40 helps operators to maintain a safe working environment free from electrical incidents and injuries.


Cost savings

Keep the costs of replacing and cleaning rails low with efficient performance. The Pandrol rail cleaning solution minimises rail systems downtime, requires minimal labour, and is easy to transport.

Technical features of the Rail Cleaner DR40


Four-stroke engine

Achieve efficient performance with the Rail Cleaner DR40’s powerful, four-stroke engine which includes belt transmission and creates 4.1 kW of power at 3,600 rpm.


Decarbonising brush

Ensure high-performance cleaning with the rail cleaning machine’s metallic brush head, constructed with high-resilience threads for durability and longevity. The brush is lowered from a lever mounted on the pushing frame and is fitted directly on an axle with a rotation speed of 600 rpm.


Folding handle

Push the rail cleaner along the rail with ease, thanks to the DR40 model’s folding handle. To transport easily, simply fold the handle in to quickly reduce the machine’s dimensions for compact movement.


Safety System

Maintain high safety standards on the site of your rail replacement project. The Rail Cleaner DR40 comes with a mechanical sensor safety system which shuts off the engine automatically when the machine is removed from the track.

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