Rail Welding Equipment

Rail Cleaner DR40

The Rail Cleaner DR40 is used after rail replacement to ensure the rail is rust-free.

Rail Cleaner DR40 product overview

The cleaning machine brushes the top of the rail head, removing oxidation and ensuring a good friction contact between the railway vehicle wheels and the rail surface.

  • It guarantees an effective electrical connection on the top of the rail for efficient functioning of the track circuit (the signal system).
  • Two people are needed to place the Rail Cleaner DR40 on the track, but it can be operated safely and accurately by just one.
  • The operator stands with one leg on either side of the rail and pushes the machine, which is guided on the rail by rollers.
  • A thermic engine drives a metallic brush in rotation.

Benefits of the Rail Cleaner DR40


Easy transportation

The Rail Cleaner DR40’s light weight reduces the number of people needed to transport and clean the rail (two for transportation; one for operation).


Reduced downtime

The machine’s powerful engine and efficient brush design mean that the rail is cleaned quickly, in just one pass. This reduces railway downtime significantly.


Effective cleaning

The high resilience brush threads enable effective cleaning to take place even if rails are very wet.


Reduced operations

The DR40’s powerful engine, metallic brush, light weight and guiding rollers ensure that exceptional results are achieved with minimal operator effort.



The machine’s automatic engine cut-off makes it safe to use.


Money saving

Overall, the efficient design of the Rail Cleaner DR40 contributes to reducing the cost of railway maintenance.

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