Welding and Track Maintenance Equipment

Gamma Grinder

The Gamma Grinder has been designed to fully grind the rail head after welding, combining both power and reliability with ease of use.

It uses a diesel engine that is effective for both grinding the top and side of the rail. The Gamma Grinder uses standard grinding stones and works effectively on all common rail types thanks to the adjustable flanges.

Technical Features

  • Consists of a kickstand, diesel engine, engine protection, height adjustment wheel, and angle adjustment lever
  • The Yanmar diesel engine delivers 3.3 kw of power at 3,600 rpm
  • Grind at any angle from 0 to 90° with the tilt lock ensuring a precise and stable grind
  • Uses two standard grinding stones (M8 or M20)


  • Ergonomic design that delivers fast grinding results
  • Offers safeguarding features, both for protecting the machine and operator
  • Specifically designed handle and belt to reduce handle vibration to 2.5 m/s2, making it easy for the operator to use

Key Facts

Power 3.3 kw / 4 hp
Fuel Diesel
Start method Pull start
Dimensions 840 x 1000 x 990 mm
Weight 71 kg
Welding Equipment

Gamma Grinder