On-track Equipment

Rail Trailer RT3230

The Rail Trailer RT3230 allows the user to easily transport materials and equipment between railway work sites. It has been specifically designed, engineered, and manufactured to be compatible with all railroad vehicles.

Technical Features

  • The RT3230 features both parking and emergency breaks
  • Available with removable drop sides
  • Fitted with a durable tow bar


  • Streamlines strenuous track maintenance and transportation tasks
  • Breaking system enhances on-site safety

Key Facts

Weight with drop sides 2700 kg
Weight without drop sides 2200 kg
Length 5500 mm
Width 2560 mm
Loading height 600 mm (excluding drop sides)
Carrying capacity 17000 kg
Track gauge 1435 mm
Wheels 350 mm, UIC profile
On-track Equipment

Rail Trailer RT3230