Sleeper Layer SL850

Efficiently place up to 8 sleepers simultaneously with the Sleeper Layer SL850. Lifted into position, their correct placement is ensured by a precision gauging hydraulic system that spreads the sleepers to the desired spacing up to a maximum of 765 mm (with fewer sleepers the spacing can be extended further).

The SL850 has been meticulously engineered, extensively tested, and utilised with high productivity to excellent results in alignment, spacing, and positioning.


Technical Features

  • Up to eight adjacent sleepers can be laid simultaneously from an accompanying supply
  • For use with 25-ton carrier machines
  • Tilt rotator available as an option
  • Works with standard couplings on heavy excavators and loaders


  • Grabs the sleepers from the side and therefore does not disturb the ballast bed
  • Suitable for slab track
  • Correct positioning on the track bed is ensured by a precision-gauging hydraulic system that spreads the sleepers to the desired spacing up to a maximum of 765 mm
  • The compact design makes it easy to position over the sleepers and rail car
  • Can be used to gather sleepers for storage
  • Streamlines complex sleeper handling tasks, reducing downtime and installation times

Key Facts

Weight 2500 kg
Weight with tilt rotator 2900 kg
Width 2750 mm
Length 3005 - 5985 mm
Height 825 mm
Height with tilt rotator 1375 mm
Height with tilt rotator and machine bracket 1525 mm
Lifting capacity 3600 kg
Performance with suitable excavator Up to 150 m/hour
Performance with suitable wheel loader Up to 100 m/hour
Electric system Negative ground 24V DC
Hydraulics Two-way function, 2 hoses. Drain line directly to tank, 1 hose
Recommended oil flow 100 L/min (min 50 L/min, max 150 L/min)
Recommended hydraulic pressure 200 bar (min 150 bar, max 250 bar)
Standard pressure on swingmotor (tilt rotator) 120 bar
Main pressure 190 bar
Pressure spreading 20 bar
Track Equipment

Sleeper Layer SL850