Fastening Systems

SD System

The Pandrol Safe Driven (SD) fastening system is a pre-assembled, economical yet high performance screwed fastening solution for all categories of track.

The fastening system is designed with controlled clip guidance from the parked to the in-service position. The SD System is developed for pre-assembly in the concrete sleeper, and can additionally deliver high rates of installation by mechanical methods.

Technical Features

  • Tightened screws are designed to generate both clamping force and longitudinal restraint to prevent unwanted movement in the rail. High elasticity of the SD clip ensures a regular clamping force and consequently a constant longitudinal restraint
  • Large range of acceptable torque between 180 and 350 N.m allows coachscrew to be tightened to contact. Toe load is achieved automatically once screw is tightened to contact.
  • Suitable for use on various types of concrete sleeper design and can be retrofitted for use on sleepers within existing track infrastructure


  • All SD components leave the sleeper factory fully pre-assembled on the sleeper, delivering savings in manpower, as well as reduced distribution and handling costs during track laying, stressing and rail changing
  • An easy-to-install design reduces the installed cost of the rail fastenings and can provide further savings during the life of the fastening each time the clips are removed and installed for rail maintenance activities
  • All components remain captive during the rail stressing procedure to allow a simplified stressing procedure. The clip is simply withdrawn back to the parked position to release the rail
Fastening Systems

SD System