On-track Equipment

Track Renewal Clipper TRC

The Track Renewal Clipper TRC fits easily onto track renewal trains and similar machines to provide automated clipping of Pandrol Fastclip FC and FE fastenings. Powered by a PLC system, the machine has built-in sensors for clip detection and a hydraulically controlled slide to enable clipping whilst in motion. The TRC features a rigid frame structure to which the clipping tools are fitted.

Technical Features

  • Clipping module for track renewal trains
  • Built-in sensors detect the clips and trigger the next clipping operation
  • Tools can be folded up when not used


  • Speeds up clipping procedures, reducing track downtime
  • Manual operation is also possible using the control panel

Key Facts

Weight 950 kg
Wheels 250 mm UIC profile
Capacity Up to 25 sleepers per minute
Electric system 24V DC
Track gauge 1435 mm
Track Equipment

Track Renewal Clipper TRC