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Track Renewal Declipper TRD

The Track Renewal Declipper TRD is fitted beneath track renewal trains and similar machines to provide automated declipping of Pandrol Fastclip FC and FE. The TRD features two declipping tools for either rail, a stand-alone control system, and built-in sensors that detects the clips to automatically trigger declipping.

It also has sensors to detect fishplates in the web of the rail and automatically raises the tools, eliminating the risk of collision and damage.

Technical Features

  • Comes with a stand-alone control system
  • Can be fitted to any track renewal train
  • Inductive sensors detect the next clip and trigger the clipping operation
  • Laser sensors detect fish plates in the web of the rail
  • Tools can be folded up when not used


  • Work efficiently on straights and curves due to its two independent tools
  • Speeds up declippng procedures, reducing track downtime
  • Laser detection increases safety and reduces risk of track damage
  • Each tool can be operated separately if needed (one rail at the time)

Key Facts

Width 715 mm (per tool)
Height 870 mm
Length 930 mm
Weight 500 kg (250 kg per tool)
Electric system 24 VDC
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Track Renewal Declipper TRD