On-track Equipment

Clip Driver CD400SP

The CD400SP is a walk-behind machine which can clip and declip a range of fastening systems.

Self-propelled, this track clipping machine is designed with a high-performance diesel engine to enable easy use for a single operator via a control panel. A handheld control panel allows the operator to easily control the speed, clipping and declipping functions of the CD400SP.


Технические особенности

  • Suitable for use with Pandrol Fastclip, Pandrol e-Clip, Pandrol PR-clips (PR400 series) and Heyback (clipping), depending on the choice of tool
  • Clips up to 30 sleepers/minute (Fastclip)
  • Guiding rollers centre the machine in work mode for optimum precision
  • CE marked on delivery


  • Reliable and robust machine, designed to increase efficiency of track installation and maintenance activities
  • Machine can be lifted up during transport to free tools and avoid collision with sleepers and shoulders
  • Proximity sensors operated via the control panel support automatic clipping of Pandrol Fastclip

Ключевые факты

Weight Approx. 2890 kg (6371 lb). Total weight with tools for clipping and declipping Pandrol Fastclip, sleeper lift and guiding rollers.
Power Pack Approx. 830 kg (1830 lb)
Dimensions Length: 3150 mm Width: 2100 mm
Track gauge 1600 mm / 1435 mm / 1000 mm
Rail wheels Standard UIC-profile Ø 250 mm
Clipping 4 clips per cycle
Declipping 4 clips per cycle
Sleeper lift Lifting height 350 mm, grip force, sleeper 1,200 – 12,000 Kp, lifting force 350 – 3,500 Kp
Electrical system 24 V
Hydraulic system Power Pack oil pressure: 200 bar. Clip Driver: See CD400 data
Engine Hatz Diesel Type 3L41C
Diesel tank 70 litres
Hydraulic tank 70 litres
Braking distance Mode normal – stop 300 mm, Mode high speed – stop 1900 mm
Noise at 2 metre Full throttle on drive side 83 dB (A), Full throttle on brake side 80 dB (A), Idling on drive side 75 dB (A), Idling on brake side 73 dB (A)
Item number 5003500
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Clip Driver CD400SP