Pandrol Connect Welding App

Pandrol Connect is a mobile app designed to support aluminothermic welders through the weld process, capture live data about the weld, save time and improve the traceability of welds for contractors and rail network operators.

Pandrol Connect consists of three modules: a mobile version for welders to record on-site data and for welding controllers to review data, an online monitoring app to review weld information from the office, and an online administration tool to apply settings to local standards. All data is hosted in the cloud for easy sharing. Pandrol Connect can also be connected to preheating equipment to increase documentation.

Download Pandrol Connect from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

Технические особенности

  • Designed to record data before, during and after welding
  • All data from the app is stored in the cloud for easy sharing, which means information can be transmitted to contractors and the network automatically
  • Pandrol Connect can also be connected to preheating equipment to increase documentation
  • QR codes to allow consumables to be scanned
  • Contains a welding instruction manual, which is then available at the contractor’s fingertips
  • A reliable reporting function, which can be completed on location


  • Developed to overcome issues of weld traceability which can be a major challenge in terms of identifying defective welds and for gathering, trending and spotting anomalies in data about weld performance
  • Enables cost optimisation and enhanced customer service across the supply chain
  • Provides a customisable cost-effective app with no capital outlay
  • Saves time for all users and drastically cuts down paperwork
  • Encourages efficiency and innovation through an incorporated news function
Aluminothermic Welding

Pandrol Connect Welding App