On-track Equipment

Sleeper Grapple SG60

Designed to efficiently handle sleepers and rail sections without damaging them, the Sleeper Grapple SG60 is an optimal tool for heavy-lifting track procedures. The SG60 is also suitable for use on bridges or other places where there is no ballast. Based on the reliable SB60 Sleeper Replacer, the SG60  has a time-tested track record.

Технические особенности

  • Can handle both sleepers and rail in the same setup
  • Has interchangeable sleeper grab arms to accommodate different types of sleepers.


  • Streamlines the complex procedure of sleeper handling
  • Reduces risk to track workers

Ключевые факты

Weight 305 kg
Hydraulics required One double-acting outlet (2 hoses)
Clamp force 6000 kg
Machine bracket Type S45 as standard
Track Equipment

Sleeper Grapple SG60