Vignole Rail Welding

Pandrol offers market-leading solutions for the aluminothermic welding of vignole rail. This flat-bottomed, slim-webbed rail is commonly used on mainline, high speed, and heavy haul tracks around the world. Our vignole rail welding processes equip the user to perform new welds as well as wide-gap and head-wash repairs.

The process involves casting molten steel (produced through the reaction of iron oxide and aluminium) at a temperature exceeding 3,500˚F (1,950 °C) into refractory moulds designed to the rail specification. We offer processes, portions, moulds, and crucibles designed to suit various global welding approaches.

Weld Types

  • Standard Gap Weld
    Standard Gap Weld

    This process involves connecting two rails together

  • Wide Gap Weld
    Wide Gap Weld

    This process is used to fix or replace a defective weld

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Aluminothermic Welding

Vignole Rail Welding