E+ Range

Going green

Helping you reduce your carbon footprint

Sustainability without compromise

Here at Pandrol we’ve never seen sustainability as a box-ticking exercise. Or a quick way to grab a positive headline. Because while rail may be considered the most sustainable mode of transport, we believe we have a responsibility to continuously do more.

It’s why we’ve created our new E+ range of products, which showcase their sustainability credentials loud and proud. From battery-powered grinders and weld shears to Sustainable Resilient Systems made from recycled materials, we’re well on track to becoming a cleaner, greener company.

Подбалластные маты

Подбалластные маты



Pandrol Watch AND Learn: How to use our Lightweight Battery Operated Weld Shear

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Technical Report Myths vs Facts of Recycled Rubber

Sustainable Resilient Systems Technical Report debunking the common misconceptions around recycled rubber.


CD100 E+

Product Information for the CD100 E+ Battery powered clipping machine.


SRS EPD Summary Reports

A collection of SRS EPD product reports.