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Pandrol is a business founded on a passion for innovation, and our unique heritage is still at the heart of how we do business today.

Over 100 years of product development, engineering know-how, acquisitions and growth have lead to us being a world leader and global employer with over 1700 team members across 40 locations.

Our story

  • 1902 Clarence Léon Delachaux starts an industrial company dedicated to the cable car, the revolutionary mode of transportation of that time.

  • 1917 A new plant is built in Gennevilliers (Paris, France) to sustain the growth of the company and its diversification in aluminothermic welding and conductor bars.

  • 1922 Clarence Léon Delachaux takes part in the electrification of the Shanghai metro, demonstrating an early vocation for an international presence.

  • 1932 Elastic Rail Spike Corporation Inc founded by Oscar Max Bernuth to sell spike fastenings in North and South America.

    1935 Four million rail spikes had been delivered from the steel mills of Pittsburgh to the New York Central Railroad.

    1936 Philippe Delachaux, the eldest son of Clarence Leon Delachaux, and his 3 brothers (Jean, Pierre and André) manage the Delachaux company’s operations. The Delachaux Group continues its policy of innovation and growth while strengthening its expertise in rail welding, subways and tramways electrification, conductor bars and chromium metal production.

    1937 Elastic Rail Spike Company Formed to distribute elastic spikes for timber ties into the UK.

    1941 Registration of patents for rail spikes in India and Burma. 30,300 spikes are exported from the UK this year.

  • 1946 A plant in Worksop, UK was built to manufacture the elastic spike fastening.

  • 1957 Offices set up in Australia, South America, and South Africa.

    1958 Norwegian Engineer, Per Pande-Rolfson invented a uniquely shaped spring clip. The Elastic Spike Company bought the worldwide rights and named it the PR Clip.

  • 1966 Manufacturing plants set up in Australia & South Africa for fastenings.

    1966 The PR Clip is adopted as standard by British Railways.

    1967 South African Railways makes the PR Clip its standard fastening.

  • 1972 Elastic Spike Company changes its name to Pandrol.

    1974 François Delachaux succeeds his father and is appointed CEO of Delachaux Group. During 30 years under his leadership, the Group accelerates its external growth to strengthen the various divisions and its international presence.

    1977 Pandrol Inc is established in the USA. We win the Queen’s Award.

  • 1981 We open the world's largest purpose-designed fastenings testing laboratory at our Worksop site in the UK.

    1982 Railtech welding is introduced in Australia known as ‘Boutet Process’ on Hamersley Iron mines.

    1983 We open our first office and manufacturing site in Korea.

    1988 A 1.2 mile test section of Pandrol e-clips are installed on East Japan Railway’s Ome line in the suburbs of Tokyo.

    1989 Railtech International designs and patents the ‘one-shot’ welding process.

    1989: The Vortok Coil is invented, a fast and simple solution for repairing loose screw spikes.

    1991 The acquisition of Vortok brings a range of unique solutions to rail track maintenance, rail signalling and rail stressing problems.

  • 1992 The One-shot crucible is launched and large scale production begins.

    1992 The first trials of the innovative Fastclip system are installed and we win the Queen’s Award.

    1993 US Class I railroad CSX becomes the first heavy freight railway in North America to install the Fastclip fastening.

    1994 Acquisition of the U.S. company MATWELD.

    1997 We complete the acquisition of IAT Ltda Brasil.

    1998 Fastclip installations pass the 5 million mark, less than five years after the first field trials.

    2000 Four new products enter track testing simultaneously, with trial installations of Vanguard, Vipa-SP, K-Lock and Safelok III designs.

  • 2002 Fastclip is chosen for the innovative Alice Springs – Darwin project.

    2002 We are awarded the Alstom Innovation Award in Safety for the Vortok safety barrier system.

    2002 The Pandrol electrification product range grows to include the industry defining composite conductor rail system.

    2004 A joint venture with Indian firm Rahee is formed.

    2007 The world’s fastest track is constructed using our welding and fastenings. The high speed record is set at 360 mph on LGV Est.

    2008 Rosenqvist joins Pandrol, supporting fastenings systems with automated clipping machines.

    2009 We win the largest single railway contract in the world to supply 1250 miles of Fastclip FC in Saudi Arabia.

    2010 We win the Queens Award for enterprise innovation for the Vortok Stressing Roller.

  • 2012 Pandrol Rahee Technologies sign a contract for more than 250,000 Double-Resilient Baseplate assemblies for the Chennai metro in India.

    2012 Intercast and Forge joins the Pandrol family in Australia.

    2014 The acquisition of CDM Track brings resilient systems using re-purposed rubber to the product portfolio.

    2017 Important decision to unite the strengths of businesses within the rail division of the Delachaux group under a single brand, Pandrol.

    2018 We win the Rail Business Award for technical innovation for the RE Fastening System.

The innovation continues

Pandrol is a place where progress is made and possibilities are created. Where customers bring their biggest challenges to be met, and exceeded.

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The foundation of success

Our products stand the test of time. Which is why they’re chosen by half the world’s rail networks – equivalent to the distance from the earth to the moon. Our customers trust us to help them achieve their goals. And if anything falls short of our shared standards, they know we’ll put it right, right away.