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Jabodebek Light Rail Transit, Indonesia


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Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital and largest city, with an estimated population of 10.56 million in 2020. As road traffic congestion and pollution became growing concerns, the city needed a reliable, environmentally friendly transport alternative to motor vehicles.

When early work on a monorail was cancelled over concerns that the system would not answer the city’s need for commuter infrastructure, the government decided to develop a light-rail rapid transit system, with higher passenger capacity and lower maintenance costs.

Phase one of the Jabodebek Light Rail Transit is a three-line, 43.5km rapid transit system connecting the city centre with its suburbs Bogor, Depok and Bekasi. These place names combine to make the acronym J‘ abodebek’.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation appointed Colas Rail to construct the track. With the goal of using local resources and bringing new jobs, skills and prosperity to the city, Colas asked Pandrol Indonesia – which has offices overlooking the construction site – to provide a range of products and support.


We supplied a total of 300,000 Pandrol SEE-SD fastenings and guard rail assemblies for Jabodebek LRT. SEE-SD is a plastic baseplate version of our SD fastening system that is ideal for use on concrete slab tracks in urban rail applications, where light structures and quick construction are needed. To support the requirement for local manufacture, we made the baseplate components in Indonesia for the first time – a development we look forward to building on as the project progresses.

Colas Rail chose the Pandrol one-shot crucible for aluminothermic welding, and our Indonesian team worked closely with Pandrol Thailand to provide end-to-end technical welding support, and to train local welders on site. In addition, our electrification team used its engineering expertise to design and deliver 97.2km of composite conductor rail for electrification. This was supplied
through our joint venture partner, Railtech Alu-Singen. Technical support was available round the clock to ensure the smooth delivery of every aspect of the project.


Phase one of the Jabodebek LRT project is due to become operational in June 2022 – a month earlier than originally scheduled. Once in use, the new system will make movement around Jakarta vastly easier.

We are delighted to have been able to support the development of local skills and resources by providing training and setting up local manufacturing. As well as the benefits for Jabodebek LRT, we look forward to seeing the impact of this on future projects.

As a result of this work, Pandrol has won a further project to supply rail fastenings and QTrack® embedded rail for Jabodebek Depot.

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