Project Case Study

Paris Tram T3b, France




2016 - 2018


Light Rail & Tram

Track Length

Customer Challenge

The extension of the T3 orbital tramway line in Paris is a 200 million Euro project to accelerate the regeneration of the north-west of the city.

Known as T3b, it is a 2.7 mile segment with eight new stations and crosses the 18th and 17th arrondissements of Paris – from Porte de La Chapelle to Porte d’Asnières- and serves a raft of fast-changing communities.

These include extremely dense population areas and employment basins. It has been masterminded by Île-de-France Mobilités, which designs, organizes and finances the area’s public transport, in partnership with the City of Paris authority and transport operator RATP.

In addition to its scale and strategic importance to urban integration, the eagerly-awaited development has faced the challenge of taking place under the glare of a fierce political, press and public spotlight.

Pandrol Solution

The Pandrol’s Nabla Tram fastening system was used to help bring this ambitious project to life. It is an innovation with a proven record of success that features a plastic baseplate and Nabla Evolution components – a combination that supports cost-effective construction.

To date, we have manufactured more than 250,000 of these systems for smooth, speedy and safe installation across the UK and Europe.

They are made from lightweight composite material and have an inherently-high level of electrical insulation. Combining ease of application with high performance levels, it is compatible with several track-laying methods.

It is tailored for use in CEN category A tracks, especially tram tracks, and Pandrol as part of this scheme, we manufactured and delivered more than 14,000 base plates.

Another added advantage is that our fastening system components are protected by a plastic cover that is designed to avoid concrete contamination; improve electrical resistance to 22 kΩ; and provide high mechanical and thermal resistance that allows the passage of road traffic.

The Result

Pandrol played a key role in meeting – and beating – the challenge of delivering one of the most ambitious transport projects in Paris. A key feature of the scheme is that the different strands of it have come together to ensure quieter and more comfortable journeys.

After undergoing a successful test phase, the service is set to go-live on November 24, 2018. It is expected that it will serve as many as 89,000 passengers a day.

Its launch will see trams run every four minutes in each direction during peak hours, connecting with four Paris metro lines and roughly 20 bus lines.

The extension is being hailed as the key to strengthening links between Paris and neighbouring towns; improving transport conditions in the neighbourhoods of north-west Paris; improving connections with other public transport lines; encouraging greater use of public transport; and breathing new life into public spaces across the tramway.