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Qingdao Port, China


Quingdao Port / DP World




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Customer Challenge

One of the busiest ports in the world, the Port of Qingdao is a seaport on the Yellow Sea in the vicinity of Qingdao, Shandong Province in China. The terminal is jointly funded and built by Qingdao Port Group and DP World.

This port is an automatic seaport, which utilizes a range of advanced systems, including AQC (Automatic Quay Crane), AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles), ARMG (Automatic Rail Mounted Gantry).

The port aims to offer industry-leading operational efficiency by leveraging modern technologies. The ARMG – as a key sub-system in the port’s operation – requires a rail fastening solution that can match its high speed and precise position system, whilst at the same time delivering maintenance free performance

Pandrol Solution

Pandrol worked closely with the port operators to recommend a solution that met the specific requirements of the port environment.

The specialist Porttech fastening solution, which was developed by the Pandrol technical team in Spain for automated terminals in high speed service, were chosen for their excellent performance and low maintenance requirements.

The Pandrol team in China conducted the research and development and undertook local production, in order to ensure continuing support to the customers of Qingdao port.


The first phase of Qingdao Automatic Port project equipped all gantry track with Porttech fastening – a total of 27,000 sets in 39 rails.

The fully installed Porttech system passed all final acceptance tests and its operation speed now delivers 33 containers per hour, 50% higher than any other similar seaport.

One of the phase one partners, Railtech Pandrol China has been presented with the ‘Science and Technology Award of the China Institute of Navigation’ and, two years post-Porttech installation, has just been awarded the contract for phase two of the port’s development.