Aluminothermic Welding

Aluminothermic Welding Kit

Pandrol is a market leader in aluminothermic welding and has developed a wide range of aluminothermic welding processes allowing the welding of most global rail profiles including vignoles rails, grooved rails, crane rails and metro rails.

The Aluminothermic Welding Kit can be provided with a weld portion and mold which are designed to suit the requirements of the specific rail profile.

Technical Features

  • Molten steel produced through the reaction of iron oxide and aluminum is cast at a temperature exceeding 3,500˚ F into refractory molds designed to suit the rails to be welded


  • Intelligently scaled portion sizes ensure that a broad spectrum of possible profiles can be covered with a relatively small inventory
  • Full training can be provided, with instruction and demonstration of our products and equipment in a classroom setting, as well as in the field
Aluminothermic Welding

Aluminothermic Welding Kit

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Welding Process Variations

  • SkV Process
    SkV Process

    A disposable crucible with an integrated portion and tapping system, for quick and simple production of reproducible welding applications.

Mold Options

  • Standard Molds
    Standard Molds

    A 3 piece mold fitted with refractory felt on the rail-contact areas, makes weld-collar edges easier to clean and provides a "self-sealing" function for the use of pre-mixed luting paste, which reduces the risk of porosity due to excess moisture.

  • Hybrid Molds
    Hybrid Molds

    Hybrid molds cover a wider range of wear and differential than straight molds and allow for lower stock levels to cover welding requirements.


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