Aluminothermic Welding

Head Wash Repair (HWR) Process

The Head Wash Repair (HWR) process provides a cost-effective and efficient solution to repair railhead defects and significantly decreases the maintenance cost of modern rail networks. The latest improvement on HWR expands the possibilities by allowing the repair of flash butt welds, which often suffer from squats.

The process is an effective solution to repair defects of up to 1 inch (depending on the rail profile) and is suitable for both the parent rail and on EFB welds.

Technical Features

  • Aluminothermic weld process with specially designed molds
  • The Head Wash Repair process is well established and has been used in the USA and Canada since 2008, in the UK since 2013, and has been approved in France from 2015
  • Suitable for plain line track applications


  • A fast and cost-effective solution for removing defects up to 1 inch depending on the rail profile
  • A familiar mold design allows the welding crew to install the HWR Weld quickly and easily
  • An efficient process when compared to a repair using plug rail reducing the number of welds from two to one
Aluminothermic Welding

Head Wash Repair (HWR) Process

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