Rail Welding Equipment

High Flow Preheater

The High Flow Preheater has been designed as a universal preheating system, able to replace all current preheating equipment. It brings the best compromise between all technologies and has been automated for easier and more reliable operations.

It features a compact and robust design to withstand the most extreme of track conditions. The system works using propane, saving the user the weight and cost of oxygen.


Technical Features

  • Less sensitive to pressure adjustment than oxy-propane, meaning it’s more tolerant and provides a uniform preheat between the head and bottom of the rail
  • A fully automated system: the ignition, timing and stop require no manual interference or flame adjustment
  • Replaces the need for most existing preheating equipment


  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy for one person to carry
  • Generates significant cost savings when compared to systems that require oxygen
  • Reduces weld-defect rate thanks to accurate preheating

Key Facts

Length 740 mm
Width 300 mm
Height 295 mm
Rail Welding Equipment

High Flow Preheater