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Rail Clamp

The Pandrol Rail Clamp is an innovative temporary rail joint clamp used prior to welding and to safeguard rail defects prior to repair.

The Rail Clamp has been engineered to eliminate many of the disadvantages of other traditional rail clamp designs and provides enhanced performance under all conditions of use. The Pandrol Rail Clamp design is radically different to the legacy design and guarantees a positive pre-torque angle so as the bolt is tightened the bolt holes remain aligned,  eliminating the risk of bent bolts.  Pandrol tests have proved that bolts remain straight even at twice the recommended torque.

Technical Features

  • Increased clamping force reduces rail creep from temperature changes
  • Improved vertical deflection allows higher line speeds over the joint
  • The self-supporting profile of the clamp simplifies installation
  • The horizontal clamping action eliminates the bending of the clamping bolts
  • Hardlock anti-loosening nut system available


  • Improved safety
  • Reduced whole life cost and installation times
  • Compatible with many different rail profiles
  • Bolts can be reused unlike other designs
  • Reduced rail stress through wider contact points
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Rail Clamp