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Rail Grip RG2500

The Rail Grip RG2500 is specially designed to lift rail segments and pull them using a towing support welded to the side.

Delivered with CE certification, the patented grip can be attached or removed from the rail with a simple adjustment and is treated with linseed oil to improve lubrication.

Technical Features

  • CE certified
  • The RG2500 is manufactured from a strong, durable material that has high tensile limits of 1000 N/mm2
  • Fits most rails sizes up to UIC60


  • An easy and safe method of lifting rail
  • No maintenance needed
  • Self-locks when pushed down over the rail head and lifted

Key Facts

Weight 5 kg
Width 160 mm
Height 270 mm
Max load 2,500 kg
Track Equipment

Rail Grip RG2500