Rail Grip RG3000

The Rail Grip RG3000 is specially designed to lift rail segments and pull them using a towing support welded to the side. Delivered with CE certification, the patented grip can be attached or removed from the rail with a simple adjustment and is treated with linseed oil to improve lubrication.

The Rail Grip RG3000 is designed for the North American market and complies to the AREMA requirements. With its two supports it holds the rail horizontal during the lift.

Technical Features

  • Meets AREMA specification
  • RG3000 is manufactured from a material with tensile limits of 1250N/mm2 (181 ksi)
  • Fits most North American rail types (132RE, 136RE, 141RE, TR68)


  • An easy and safe method of lifting rail
  • No maintenance needed
  • Self-locks when pushed down over the rail head and lifted

Key Facts

Weight 7.15 kg
Width 160 mm
Height 270 mm
Max load 3,000 kg
Track Equipment

Rail Grip RG3000