Condition Monitoring

Rail Stress Monitor

Effectively monitor the stress levels of your track infrastructure.

The stress free (neutral) temperature of rail changes with time. This is particularly true of tight curves, braking zones such as at signals and stations, through inclines, and areas where track maintenance activities such as tamping are carried out. Pandrol’s Rail Stress Monitor provides continuous and accurate monitoring of the track status, providing preemptive alerts to inform efficient maintenance planning.

Technical Features

  • Provides real time remote monitoring of stress-free temperature – continuously assesses the strain in the rail and calculates the stress-free temperature in both rails at each location
  • Send automatic data updates and alerts to the rail operator’s back-office system, by email to smart phones, and via our bespoke cloud-based portal
  • The SFT Monitor can connect to a power source up to 3 miles away. In addition, if no power source is available the monitor can be connected via a solar panel and/or battery.
  • Uses Pandrol’s proven MultiSensor technology


  • Can be installed in known trouble areas for rail buckling and breakages
  • Live data transmitted over 3G/4G connection
  • Easy Installation – no need to bond gauges to the rail, which can cause maintenance issues
  • Removes the need for personnel to patrol the track
  • Ideal for areas where track access is difficult
Condition Monitoring

Rail Stress Monitor