Clip Driver CD500

A self-propelled rail-fastening machine, the CD500 is a high output machine designed specifically for clipping and declipping Pandrol Fastclip with speed and precision.

It features a computer-controlled system and an off-tracking system that enables it to “walk” on and off the track. Its built-in guiding rollers ensure it maintains a central position over the rail.


Technical Features

  • Suitable for use with Pandrol e-Clip, Fastclip FC, Fastclip FE and Deenik, depending on the choice of tool
  • Has tie-lifting capabilities, with a sideways of adjustment of +/-35 mm
  • Can lift the rail to assist with destressing processes. A hammer attachment is included to free, elongate and eliminate stress
  • Built-in guiding rollers ensure it maintains a central position over the rail


  • Can clip up to 60 Fastclip ties per minute
  • An electrical backup hydraulic system enables it to off-track in the event of engine failure
  • Designed to increase efficiency of track installation and maintenance activities, with optimized clipping capabilities with a single operator
  • Safety guards can be fitted which protect operatives from the adjacent track when installing stressing rollers

Key Facts

Version A
Weight 4500 kg (excluding optional tools)
Dimensions Length: min 3870 mm max 4930 mm Width: min 1810 mm max 2380 mm
Max speed 12.5 mph
Rail wheels Standard UIC-profile Ø 350 mm
Rail type UIC 60 and U 50
Clipping 4 clips per cycle
Declipping 4 clips per cycle
Item number 3199-0010
Track Equipment

Clip Driver CD500