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Snow Displacer

A self-supporting water resistant PU foam insert that partially fills the gap between the stock rail and active switch rail in a standard railway switch.

Pandrol’s Snow Displacer kit is compatible with standard rail types. To be installed between the switch and stock rail of each point end, between the end of head planing and the fixed point at the switch heel, adaptable for all switch sizes.

Technical Features

  • -22°F to 140°F operational temperature range
  • No UV degradation
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Snow displacers can withstand 230 - 248°F


  • Reduces build-up of snow, sand and debris in switches
  • Reduces switch heating power costs
  • Rapid installation with minimal tools (approximately 20 minutes per switch)
  • Easy and quick to remove

Key Facts

  • UK Network Rail - PA05/04976
Track Tools and Accessories

Snow Displacer