Fastening Systems

Victor System

The Victor system was designed and developed in the USA to perform well in excess of AREMA specifications for wooden tie shoulders.

This innovative system combines the durability of an AREMA tie plate with the benefits of Pandrol’s resilient fastening.

The flat tie plate provides the maximum bearing area, while the use of Pandrol’s fastenings provides all of the advantages of resilient fastenings – holding power, prevention of rail rollover and reduced maintenance.

Technical Features

  • Maximum plate bearing area with an asymmetric design
  • 37% greater bearing area than existing tie plates with resilient fastenings, which results in a significant reduction in plate cutting
  • Shoulder pullout strengths well in excess of AREMA specifications for wooden tie shoulders
  • Available for use with Pandrol e-clip and Fastclip


  • Significant reduction in gauge widening under load
  • Provides all of the advantages of resilient fastenings including holding power, prevention of rail rollover and reduced maintenance
  • Special ROLLBLOCK™ option virtually eliminates rail rollover
  • Plates rolled to AREMA material specifications
Fastening Systems

Victor System