Rail Fastenings Systems


The VIPA DRS fastening system incorporates an e-Clip baseplate mounted on a studded rubber pad, which provides resilience. It is intended for applications where a degree of vibration mitigation is required. The VIPA DRS can be tuned for various axle loads and stiffness requirements.

The origins of the VIPA DRS system go back to the 1980s, where they were installed in Singapore and Hong Kong. Today the evolved versions of VIPA DRS are being installed, or have been installed in major cities such as Bangkok, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Singapore.

Technical Features

  • VIPA DRS achieves typical lateral adjustment of ±3 mm, using an eccentric bush in 1 mm locked steps. Additional lateral adjustment for specific requirements can be provided
  • Typical vertical adjustment of up to 20 mm can be achieved with custom shims
  • Optimized for top-down method of construction, although bottom-up method is also possible using alternative anchorage


  • Exhibits a high level of electrical insulation, with the rail being insulated from the baseplate and the baseplate being insulated from the concrete slab
  • Suitable for all rail inclinations and rail types
  • All VIPA DRS parts and wear components are fully replaceable in situ
  • Threadless fastening technology delivers low maintenance requirements
Rail Fastenings Systems