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Sleeper Replacer SB60

The Sleeper Replacer SB60 is a sleeper replacement attachment designed to provide safe and efficient replacement of sleepers. The SB60 has innovative tilt and rotate functions which allow sleepers to be changed from both the middle and side of the track.

Designed for effective movement and recessing of the track ballast, this high performance sleeper replacer provides a versatile, high-output, cost effective and safe working method for track maintenance.

Technical Features

  • Fits most sleeper types
  • Available for a range of track gauges
  • A single attachment digs out, removes and replaces the sleeper to improve productivity
  • The Pandrol Automaster can be added to the Sleeper Replacer SB60 for swift and safe installation of Pandrol Fastclips or Pandrol Fastclip FE on the new sleeper


  • Can be tilted and rotated to allow maximum flexibility when replacing sleepers
  • Reduced manpower on track reduces safety risk
  • Compact design where the blade remain stationary and only the grapple rotates, which make it suitable to use in limited spaces such as station platforms and tunnels

Key Facts

Weight 1050 kg
Height 1000 mm
Depth 1300 mm
Blade width 2590 mm
Clamp force 6000 kg
Flywheel capacity 295 dNm
Network Rail Product Acceptance Number PA05/04237

Optional accessories

  • Automaster

    For auto clipping of Fastclip FC/FE fastening system

  • Bucket attachment
    Bucket attachment

    For removing ballast

  • Bucket attachment
    Bucket attachment

    For wet spots

Track Equipment

Sleeper Replacer SB60