Rail Welding Equipment


The Pandrol A-Frame is a rail aligner that delivers exact alignment of the rails to be welded.

The device holds in position the rails during the welding operation and is adaptable to all rail types: vignole, crane rails and grooved rails.


Technical Features

  • Accurate rails adjustement thanks to adjustment screws
  • Adjustement of: peack, lateral alignement and twist
  • Suitable for all kinds of rails: vignole, crane rails, MRS and grooved rails
  • Compact and heavy duty construction
  • Lightweight alloy: 18 kg


  • The A-Frame is a safety device preventing all risks for the operator during the rails adjustment phase
  • Delivers a guaranteed welding geometry
  • Suitable for wooden and concrete ties
  • A specific version is available for Pandrol FastClip fastenings

Key Facts

Spread 570 mm
Width 160 mm
Height 600 mm
Weight 18 kg
Rail Welding Equipment


Product Options

  • A Frame CR 61
    A Frame CR 61

  • A Frame CR 57
    A Frame CR 57

    Adapted for use with Pandrol Fastclip