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Track Measurement and Analysis

Rail networks have an increasing need to understand the status of their track, which allows them to implement more efficient maintenance operations. Pandrol is a world leader in track measurement, analysis, and inspection tools for railway networks across the globe.

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Why buy from Pandrol?

Why do railway operators rely on Pandrol for track measurement and analysis?

An expert team

We have a team of level I, II, and III Non Destructive Testing certified experts who follow European ISO and AREMA standards. With more than 30 years of Non Destructive Testing experience, our staff can help you to protect your infrastructure.

Track expertise

We are a global specialist in track with our experience including fastenings systems, auminothermic welding, and electrification. This breadth of knowledge allows us to cover all track types and applications.

Pandrol Cares

We’re committed to making a positive difference to the communities in which we operate. This commitment is matched with the Group Delachaux WECommunity program, focusing on the three themes of solidarity, education and the environment.


The Importance of Track Measurement and Analysis

Rail networks play an increasingly important role in providing transportation for both cargo and passengers. So, what are the key factors that mean rail networks are now exposed to a higher risk of track degradation, making track maintenance more and more of a priority?

  • Harsher environments caused by more extreme weather conditions
  • Higher load conditions resulting from traffic growth
  • Heavier loads, axles and vehicles
  • Increases in speed driven by the push for high-speed rail networks
  • Integration and development of metro systems within an urban environment

Objective Condition Assessment

Track analysis is a powerful tool for an objective assessment of railway track behaviour by enabling real-time data collection using inspection and detection of structural degradation. The purpose is to get a quality index by measuring different parameters of the track against optimal parameters.

Using the Latest Technology

Pandrol provides a suite of solutions to monitor individual components of the track and report back on any defects including rail temperature, condition, ground shift and weld integrity. Proactive track analysis is always effective in preventing larger issues in the future.

Increasingly Effective Maintenance

Track measurement and analysis improves the effectiveness of preventative maintenance with a shift in focus towards predictive maintenance and forecasting. It uses a combination of real-time data collection and computer simulations to understand the behaviour and performance of railway track under different conditions.

Resilient Design and Development

Pandrol develops the equipment and systems that impact resilient design, maintenance and repair regimes within the railway industry. We provide the tools and services that help our customers move the decision-making process towards more cost-effective management while underlining the importance of investing in future-proofing.

The Benefits of Track Measurement and Analysis

Pandrol proposes a range of control solutions including ultrasonic testing, track geometry, rail wear, structure clearance, and overhead line gauging, allowing network operators to quickly analyse their track in detail.

  • Cost-effective: Unlike routine maintenance, proactive maintenance provides cost savings by identifying primary areas of concern. It streamlines track inspection and damage detection allowing you to prioritise both human and financial resources. Targeting resources to where they are most needed brings cost savings over time.
  • Improved track longevity: Prevention is better than cure, right? Proactive maintenance allows you to look after your rail infrastructure so that it lasts for longer. As you look after and maintain your track, in the long term this saves on repair costs, and even more so when you factor in the amount of money lost during track downtime.
  • Safety: The number one benefit of utilising track inspection is it ensures that important aspects of the rail infrastructure remain safe, minimising the possibility of incidents. Detecting the start of a failure and intervening at an earlier stage can only improve rail safety which is always a top priority.
  • Extreme event preparation: Climate change has already begun to impact rail travel. With extreme weather events like heat waves, flooding, earthquakes and landslides becoming more common there are many recent examples of rail networks grinding to a halt. Proactive maintenance helps network operators to target the effects of extreme events at the planning stage and incorporate procedures to mitigate them.