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Sustainable Resilient Systems

Track resilience plays a key role in the vibration mitigation and longevity of railway infrastructure, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. Pandrol is a leading provider of Sustainable Resilient Systems based on recycled rubber technology – we provide solutions for rail networks across the globe for noise & vibration control and embedded rail systems, offering the lowest CO2 footprint in the market.

Sustainable Resilient Systems: protecting rail networks and the planet

Long-term planning of railway network systems is placing increased emphasis on eco-friendly railed public transportation. This involves connecting more towns and cities with high speed, conventional, metro, and light trains.

Pandrol Sustainable Resilient Systems are being adopted by rail network operators across the world thanks to their resilience properties and green credentials. Enhance the lifespan of your infrastructure and protect surrounding buildings from vibration whilst also making rail greener. Our systems are able to:

  • Reduce the life cycle costs associated with the track and maintenance
  • Improve the railway track life thanks to a sustainable recycled technology that helps rail networks meeting their CO2 targets
  • Meet the vibration control demands of all types of track

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Why buy from Pandrol?

Why are networks around the world using our Sustainable Resilient Systems?

Expert control of Track Resilience and Noise & Vibration

As experts in track resilience, we have developed environmentally sustainable systems to improve the life cycle of track components, reduce maintenance costs and control noise & vibration for the whole spectrum of rail categories and sectors.

Making railways greener

Pandrol fully recyclable Sustainable Resilient Systems exhibit a best-in class CO2 footprint, generating two to three times less CO2 during manufacturing than competing solutions. This has led to them being independently certified with an Environmental Product Declaration.

Time-tested technology

Pandrol’s Sustainable Resilient Systems products have been increasing the efficiency and sustainability of urban, mainline, heavy haul, and high-speed railways globally for over 20 years.

Material matters

Our recycled rubber granule technology provides a better technical performance than materials used by similar solutions on the market including polyurethane or other polymers made from virgin raw material.

End-to-end service

We are committed to providing the best and safest rail infrastructure to rail workers and travellers at every site we work on. Experience the best possible end-to-end customer service with Pandrol. Be confident from the initial design stages, right through to installation, operation, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.


Reduce vibrations with Sustainable Resilient Systems

Vibrations created by trains passing over railways cause a significant impact on the surrounding area. Reducing these vibrations helps to prevent:

✔  Disruption and annoyance for residents and local businesses

✔  Deterioration of the track and other rail infrastructure and consequent higher levels of re-radiated noise

✔  Structural damage to buildings and their foundations

✔  Damage to biodiversity in surrounding areas

With the increasing threat of extreme environmental events like flooding, storms, and earthquakes, the resilience of railway construction is as important as ever. Outdated infrastructure cannot withstand these challenges. A system of new installations and periodic maintenance is therefore required to create sustainable and resilient railways for the future.

Pandrol’s Sustainable Resilient Systems combines industry-leading research and on-track experience to mitigate the effects of damaging rail vibrations. We provide the products and expertise so your rail systems can serve communities with minimal disruption.

Pandrol – designing, manufacturing, and installing innovative solutions

We design, manufacture and install resilient railway vibration reduction and dampening systems for every type of railway, in all environments. Across five continents, our systems help to bring railway resilience to optimised levels. This delivers:

  Longevity of rail systems

  Reduced track maintenance

  Structure-borne noise and vibration control

  Quality of life for nearby urban areas