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Track Safety Equipment

Pandrol manufactures a range of track safety equipment for network operators and their suppliers to use out on track, making construction and maintenance projects safer for everyone involved.

Safety is the bottom line

Safety is more than a priority at Pandrol, it’s the foundation of everything we do. That’s why we make track safety equipment specifically for rail infrastructure. We always go the extra mile to keep people safe – your employees, your customers and theirs. Our track safety equipment is designed to:

  • Be quick and easy to install with minimal interference to the track.
  • Reduce hazards on track and make the railways a safer environment for workers and passing trains.
  • Give track workers the reassurance needed to carry out jobs quickly and effectively.

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Why buy from Pandrol?

Why do customers choose Pandrol’s track safety equipment?

Simple and quick installation

All of our solutions are designed using lightweight components that can be easily assembled and installed by one person on track.

Designed by track experts

Designed and assembled by our track experts, Pandrol track safety equipment is built to one global standard by a team who specialise in rail equipment innovation.

Non-intrusive installation

Our solutions are intuitively designed to retrofit the track with minimal interference needed, making installation quick and easy.

Suitable for a vast range of track applications

Our solutions are suitable for most rail types and gauges globally – speak to an expert about your specific track safety requirements.