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Track Transportation Equipment

Pandrol designs and manufactures a range of Track Transportation Equipment to simplify track construction and maintenance projects. We make and install Hy-Rail solutions for mounting excavators onto rail, as well as road-rail trailers for transporting track materials and equipment. 

Track Transportation Equipment: Simplifying rail construction

Getting materials and machinery out to track can often prove challenging when access is limited by the surrounding nature or infrastructure. Pandrol implements solutions to overcome this challenge, working directly with track construction teams to meet their specific project requirements. We offer: 

  • A range of Hy-Rail attachments for excavators, suitable for machines ranging from 5 to 16 tonnes. These 4-wheel-drive attachments give drivers full maneuverability when working on rail tracks.
  • Rail Trailers in two different sizes, which can be towed with any railroad vehicle. Fitted as standard with a tow bar and a parking/emergency brake, these trailers offer a safe and efficient method of moving goods between work locations.
  • A group of Rail Lorry solutions specifically for welders, designed for transporting material and equipment between vans and railway work sites.

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Why buy from Pandrol?

Why do customers choose Pandrol Track Transportation Equipment?

Get the right equipment for your project

We offer solutions suitable for all track projects – our attachments and trailers are compatible with a wide range of excavator sizes and models. 

Built to last

Designed in our Centre of Engineering Excellence in Sweden, Pandrol track transportation equipment is built to one global standard by a team of experts who specialise in rail equipment innovation. 

Hands on training

Pandrol offers commissioning and training of operators to ensure our customers get the most value possible from our equipment. Our global teams are available at customers’ disposal throughout the entire buying process.

Making track construction safer

Pandrol’s track transportation equipment makes track work safer by reducing manual labor and making it much easier to reach inaccessible parts of the line. 


The advantages of using track transportation equipment for railway construction and maintenance

Pandrol’s track transporation equipment is engineered to help railway operators and infrastructure companies complete their projects on time and on budget. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, Pandrol knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to rail construction. 

Our machines are built for long-term use, with durability in mind from their initial design phases all the way through to production. That means you’ll get a better machine at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or performance. 

  • High quality value-engineered machinery: Pandrol tested and certified track transportation equipment has earned the trust of railway companies around the world because it is versatile, durable, reliable, and cost-effective. 
  • Convenient access: What better way to move workers, materials and machinery to the job site than utilising the convenience of the existing rail track? The ability to move heavy loads along tracks at higher speeds with minimal disruption brings the efficiency you need to drive costs down. 
  • Worker safety: Train track machines may be used for track maintenance work in areas where workers could not safely access by foot or vehicle, allowing workers to access remote locations along railway lines without using congested roadways in urban areas. 
  • Faster installation times: Using track transportation equipment means that just about everything you need to complete a project can be transported to the job site in a single journey, reducing the number of journeys and the amount of logistical planning needed to get the job done.