Light Rail & Tram

Facilitating Urban Integration

Pandrol can deliver individual systems or complete solutions for tram infrastructure. We specialise in the design, manufacture and implementation of fastenings, welding, equipment and electrification.

Our product range includes specialist fastening systems, grooved rail welding solutions, embedded rail, under slab pads and mats using sustainable technology and automated trolleybus current collector systems. With a range of fastening and non-fastening solutions to suit both ballasted and non-ballasted track forms we are uniquely able to cover a full range of solutions for a given tram system.

We have developed resilient track solutions to improve the life cycle of track components, reduce maintenance costs and to control vibrations for both slab and ballasted tracks. For embedded tracks, our patented embedded rail system QTrack® stands for high quality, reliability, technical excellence and cost effectiveness, and is the preferred choice for the major operators and contractors in the world.

Our innovative trolleybus solution is seen on most modern systems and allows the driver to control and pilot the poles from their seat. We also manufacture retrievers for more conventional spring current collector systems.

Focus: Urban transit

With over 50% of the world’s population now living in cities there has never been more of a need for safe, efficient and cost effective solutions to deliver integrated urban transit. We have been working with customers around the world to overcome the challenges of developing urban transit solutions to keep cities moving.

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