Sustainable Resilient Systems

Floating Slab Mat

Pandrol Floating Slab Mat (FSM) is a high performing vibration attenuation floating slab system based on the mass-spring principle, where the concrete slab (the mass) is elastically supported by a continuous resilient mat (the spring).

Pandrol FSM are made of high quality resin-bonded rubbers. Depending on these design parameters, the Pandrol FSM solutions can achieve a vibration attenuation up to 25 dBv with a low resonance frequency.

Technical Features

The elastic properties of the mat solution are defined by the following parameters;


  • Can be supplied in rolls or sheets, both options easy to install and compatible with all types of rail and track systems
  • Water permeable and maintenance free, the Pandrol FSM is designed to reduce the life cycle costs of the railway
  • Insulation performance can be tuned by either modifying the stiffness of the mat or the properties of the slab
  • Each mat has excellent mechanical and chemical properties and is compatible to special track works such as man-holes, pipes and electrical boxes

Key Facts

Thickness range
Density range
Bedding modules range
  • LRT
  • Metro
  • Mainline
  • Highspeed


Possible to install in single, double or triple layer plus an underlayer if necessary


Flat or wavy

Top joint

If lateral mat is a wavy mat, high density RR material or an elastic joint can be poured


Rolls or sheet

Sustainable Resilient Systems

Floating Slab Mat