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Under Ballast Mats

Pandrol’s Under Ballast Mats are continuous resilient mats for ballasted tracks designed to provide vibration mitigation and increase track quality.

The Under Ballast Mats are installed directly beneath the ballast bed which may offer vibration isolation and protection of the track components. This layer of protection can reduce the frequency of required maintenance over the lifetime of the railway.

The Under Ballast Mats are made of high quality resin-bonded rubbers. When used for vibration attenuation purposes and depending on design parameters,  Under Ballast Mat solutions can typically achieve attenuation levels of 15 to 20 dBv with reduced resonance frequency. As protection mat, the Under Ballast Mats improve the load distribution in the track leading to a reduction of the stresses in the ballast and other track components.

Technical Features

  • Maintenance free
  • Water permeable
  • Compatible to special track works such as man-holes, pipes and drainage systems
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical properties
  • Can be supplied in rolls or sheets
  • Contingency solution of track stiffening by sand ingress
  • Increased protection of track foundation structures (e.g. bridges and viaducts)


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Wide range of stiffness available
  • Track quality improvement, ballast degradation reduction and increased longevity of the other track components
  • Savings in track maintenance time and costs
  • Possibility of ballast layer reduction up to 25cm thickness
  • Few components eco-friendly system
  • No need to close joints between adjacent mats
  • Easy and reliable solution for build-up of transition zones

Key Facts

Materials Resin bonded rubber (RR family) Polypropylene non-woven geotextile
Setup Possible to install in single, double or double plus an underlayment layer
Geometry Flat or wavy Density range 710 – 1000 kg/m³
Supply Rolls or sheets Joints
Joints Not needed
Static bedding modules range 18 – 267 MN/m³ according to DIN 45673-5
Dynamic bedding modules range (10Hz) 26 – 429 MN/m³ according to DIN 45673-5
Thickness range Single layer of the elastomer part: 10 – 30 mm, Non-woven protection layer: 1.8 mm
Total system thickness 11.8 – 51.8 mm
The elastic properties of the mat solution are defined by the following parameters:
  • Train loading conditions
  • Chosen material type
  • Defined thickness and number of layers
  • Determined shape factor
Track application category
  • LRT
  • Metro
  • Mainline
  • High Speed

Compliance with international standards for ballasted track systems

DIN 45673-5

Sustainable Resilient Systems

Under Ballast Mats