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Signalling Equipment

Pandrol are a world leader in signaling equipment, providing network operators with solutions for digital and visual signalling for train drivers. We build on our 100+ years of rail industry experience to design signalling solutions that can be easily installed with minimal track disruption. 

Signalling Equipment

Modern rail networks are under pressure to meet growing capacity whilst ensuring the safe movement of trains – effective signalling is essential for the well being of both operators and customers. Pandrol design and manufacture railway signalling mounting solutions for the efficient deployment of signalling asset into the track system. This includes, mounting balise, transponders and beacons with accurate positioning. We also make magnets for Automatic Warning Systems that can be fitted using our Rapid Fit Frames. Our signalling equipment is designed to:

  • Reduce the total cost of deploying signalling assets into track.
  • Be quick and easy to install using only hand tools and with minimal interference to the track.
  • Offer outstanding reliability and withstand a range of climates and track conditions over long periods with no periodic maintenance required.

Why do track operators choose Pandrol’s signalling equipment?

Why is effective balise mounting important?

Balises are a crucial part of the modern railway system. Acting as a kind of central nervous system for the rail network, balises work as beacons or transponders, communicating to give an accurate location of the train for modern signalling systems, such as European Train Control Systems (ETCS) and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC). If fitted incorrectly, operators run the risk of losing the safety-critical data which balises transmit. For a reliable rail network, rapid and efficient installation is key.

Pandrol’s unique position as track experts with additional knowledge of the signalling interface makes us market leaders – not only in providing balise-fitting equipment, but also in creating bespoke solutions for customers’ unique needs. Our design capability saves customers time and significantly reduces the total cost of deploying modern signalling equipment into the track environment.

Cost-saving innovations

Traditional methods of balise-fitting installations are laborious, with ballast needing to be removed from around ties or alternatively, ties needing to be drilled and anchored directly. These practices can be risky, opening up the possibility of degrading track support or damage to ties, which could prove costly later down the line.

The Pandrol (Vortok) Balise Mount Systems (BMS) have revolutionised balise installation. The BMS On Tie Beam and BMS Clamp Beam increase efficiency and ultimately reduce costs for customers.

With no power tools needed, installation can be facilitated using simple hand tools. This means that our solutions can be fitted in a single track visit, as opposed to traditional methods where ties must be identified, drilled and anchors installed, with additional drying time allowed over the course of multiple site visits. This reduced time for installation and track possession equates to savings in the cost of installation too, by decreasing labour requirements and improving project management flexibility for operators. In addition, Pandrol products have the ability to be part-installed with all the mechanical parts fitted prior to the electronics, if needed.

With our On Tie Beam, we estimate on-track time of less than two minutes per beam installation. The beams are as easy to remove as they are to install, without the need for specialist tools or adjustment. This means that infrastructure owners also reap the reward of the quick-fit Pandrol system as the system can be removed and replaced quickly before and after major maintenance works to the track. After installation, should commissioning checks require adjustments to be made, these will be easy to do with the equipment repositioned in a fraction of the usual time.

Perfectly positioned for accuracy

The positioning of balises is vital for reliable data transfer to on-board rolling stock receivers. If the transponder isn’t placed within tolerance, there is a risk the train will fail to read it when passing over the track. That makes reliable balise positioning vital for safe and reliable signalling systems.

Using traditional methods of fitting, users would need to manually position the balise, working out the correct spacers between the balise and the top of the tie so that it ends up at the correct height in relation to the head of the rail. This can lead to issues with balises being installed incorrectly. If the positioning ends up being too high, too low or off-centre, this will impact the reliability of the railway or cause delays with the project overall.

But with our balise-fitting equipment, the product arrives to site pre-positioned by the Pandrol design team, so that no additional positioning is required on site. This removes the risk of human error and significantly reduces the risk of read errors between balise and receiver. Our simple solution has created a more efficient and simple process.

Bespoke designed solutions

Our equipment can be adapted to solve virtually any on-track signalling equipment challenge. So when customers have unique requirements that go above and beyond the standard signalling equipment, we have the ability to develop great solutions to solve their problems.

Pandrol’s track engineering expertise helps signalling customers to analyse and understand the optimum method of installing signalling equipment into their unique track environments. Where most providers are either experts in track or signalling interface, at Pandrol, we have the knowledge and understanding of both.

As part of our product offering, we can create bespoke designs, managing the entire process for customers. We can reduce the total cost of install by using smart solutions which facilitate the deployment of equipment into track environment in the most efficient way possible.