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Rail Fastenings Systems

Pandrol’s extensive rail fastenings portfolio extends across all market segments and can be adapted to all rail networks, climates, and operating conditions.

We offer threaded and non-threaded rail fastening solutions with options for high output mechanised track fastening installation and extraction. Our range includes track systems suitable for heavy haul (>40 T axles) through to metro, conventional, light rail, and semi to full high-speed applications (250< kph). Pandrol fasteners allow rail operators to maximise operational availability, safety, and life-time value through the deployment of optimum materials and world leading engineering design.

Rail Fastening Systems: An integral part of railway infrastructure

Pandrol track fastenings are precisely engineered to optimise track performance and longevity. We offer complete systems for concrete, timber, composite, steel and pre-cast blocks, and ballastless concrete slab track. Pandrol is a global systems provider, supporting train operators around the world.

  • Our solutions offer a high level of safety, reliability, and predictability for network operators - customers know what to expect when buying from Pandrol.
  • We offer fastening systems for mechanised installation, saving time and manpower with their value-engineered design.
  • Pandrol deliver innovative fastening solutions for track challenges including noise and vibration control, low carbon, and anti-theft. We also offer support services, tools, mechanised equipment, and special solutions for ports, turnouts, embedded rail, and depots, as well as treatments for anti-corrosion environments.

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Why buy from Pandrol?

What makes networks around the world choose Pandrol track fastenings?

Worldwide supplier of fastening systems

Pandrol have provided track fastenings for approximately half of the world’s railway networks – that’s over 3 billion clips, enough to build a track to the moon!

A proven history of fastening innovation

Time and time again, our cutting-edge fastening system designs have set the industry standard with improved installation speeds to drive faster and more economical maintenance.

Global manufacturing and services

We have a worldwide team of over 1,700 people in 40 locations, with 9 fastening manufacturing facilities all operating to one global Pandrol standard.

Fastening systems suitable for all applications

We rigorously test our fastenings to global rail standards to ensure our rail systems deliver high performance regardless of track application or climate.

Effective installation and maintenance

As well as hand tools, Pandrol offer machines for mechanised clipping and declipping to streamline installation.


Benefits of Pandrol rail fastening systems

Rail fastening systems connect rails to different trackforms. They play a critical role in the safety and longevity of railway tracks and provide important performance features to minimise track maintenance and maximise lifetime value.

✔  Reduce vibration

Where required, Pandrol systems can deal with harmful vibration which can lead to high levels of secondary noise and vibration, a range of options exist to mitigate different vibration frequencies.

✔  Achieve cost-effective maintenance

Increase the life cycle of the track and reduce the need for maintenance by optimising materials to match with the environment and operating conditions.

✔  Boost reliability

Our systems help keep the railways safe and available for train operations, allowing minimal disruption to services for maintenance. Pandrol fasteners secure rails with high performance systems to ensure smooth and stable ride conditions for trains and rolling stock.

✔  Reducing impact to the track structure

Fastening systems absorb the impacts that trains put onto the rails, therefore distributing that pressure to the ballast and the ties.