Rail Fastenings Systems


The Pandrol e-Clip has been installed in over 50 countries across hundreds of applications, covering virtually every possible known rail section.

Pandrol’s original design e-Clip systems are manufactured to one global standard and are produced worldwide at Pandrol’s various manufacturing facilities. Despite e-Clip being superseded by the pre-assembled Pandrol Fastclip systems, these fastenings are still popular in many countries. Today’s Pandrol e-Clips are an evolution of time-tested technologies, which have safely carried the world’s rail passengers and freight for decades.


Technical Features

  • Uses Pandrol’s original-design ‘e’ shape, which set the industry standard for fastening systems
  • A threadless, self-tensioning system


  • A safe and reliable system from the original e-Clip designer
  • Due to its self-tensioning design, there is no need to check the torque
  • An extensive range of designs for every application, environment and market segment
Rail Fastenings Systems